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Dana Arnim

Something about me...

When I was a child, I was the "artistic one" in the family. However, the road I traveled to what I do now wound about a bit. Along the way I learned a number of interesting things, most of which have come in handy and some of which give me a pretty good score in select Jeopardy categories. Among them I learned:

  • peristence will get you far, (this from my mom)
  • how to bake fabulous cookies, and that, taken with tea, cookies can help
  • to love gardening and bonsai, (from my grandmother)
  • sea cucumber doesn't taste like chicken, but it does fry up crisp and salty
  • to always run through the finish line, (from track)
  • not to pick up a garter snake with your bare hands
  • how to make great gravy, and also daisy chains, (from my grandfather, although he also told me to learn the laws of thermodynamics which I must admit I never did)
  • how to think your way through a problem and fix stuff, (from my dad, who could have taught MacGyver a thing or two)
  • that you can only play just so hard with the cat or there will be blood
  • that a sense of humor is as essential to life as food, (thanks Bill!), and...
  • the need to practice kindness and compassion, (extended to me throughout many challenges)
My People

As for the formal stuff, I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Washington, as well as a Certificate in Art for the Children’s Market, through the U. of W. Extension. My education also includes a variety of course work in art, computing, and software applications.

I'm an active member of the SCBWI, (Society of Childrens Writers and Illustrators), for which I served 4 years as a Co-Regional Advisor for the Western Washington region. Kid Lit people are some of the best ever, and I am happy to call them my people. These guys in the photos are also my people!